School Readiness

School Readiness

We believe that school readiness is not only about literacy, numeracy, writing  shapes and colours. School Readiness is also about children developing their social, emotional and independence skills to make the transition from pre school to Kindergarten smooth for all children and families.

Our trained team of Educators have developed programs that allow children to develop and learn through fun based activities. We provide and encourage the children to participate in the programmed activities to maximize their learning to reach their full potential

The most important factors associated with a successful start and continued learning at school relate to a child’s social and emotional development as well as their independence skills. Our programs allows children to develop the following:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with peers and teachers i.e. communicate needs, ask and answer questions, retell stories
  • Ability to deal with, and solve conflict fairly
  • Ability to form friendships
  • Ability to follow instructions and directions from staff
  • Ability to take responsibility for their own belongings
  • Ability to take responsibility for their own behaviours and actions
  • Ability to focus and not be easily distracted
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to share and turn take
  • Ability to play cooperatively to meet a common goal
  • An awareness of rules and the reasons for them
  • Ability to dress themselves, ties shoe laces, use velcro or buckles, toilet independently, wipe nose, wash hands, and open own lunch and school bag
  • Ability to separate from parent;
  • Ability to sit still and concentrate;
  • Ability to share an adults attention with other children;
  • Ability to adapt to new environment and experiences
  • Displays an understanding of functional print.

Our program also allows children to develop recognition, pre-literacy, pre-numeracy skills as well as writing.

  • Can recognise own name in written format
  • Can write own name
  • Begins to recognise letters of the alphabet
  • Begins to print a few letters from the alphabet
  • Begins to recognise and print a few numbers
  • Hold writing implements using correct grip
  • Uses scissors with safety and control
  • Recognises shapes and colours
  • Can finish a task and tidy up afterwards